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The History

Founded in 1946, it’s in Notre-Dame des Pins that Menuiserie des Pins Ltd. established its first plant. At the time, the enterprise was specialized in manufacturing exterior windows and doors.

In 1952, the factory was engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, two months later a second fire broke out in the mill, which had just been rebuilt. The enterprise immediately plunged into the construction of new facilities one more time.

In 1955, in response to the growing demand, Menuiserie des Pins Ltd. established a distribution center in Montreal in order to expose and sale its products. It is in the 1970’s that a branch plant was established in Longueuil on McGill Street in replacement of the distribution center. In 1989, the enterprise transferred its branch plant in the industrial park of Longueuil on Guimond Boulevard.

It`s in 1968 that Menuiserie des Pins Ltd. added steel frames and interior doors to its product line in response to the growing demand in the construction market of the time.

In 1984, the company changed its orientation and began manufacturing moldings and wood components mainly available for doors and windows manufacturers.

Menuiseries des Pins Ltd. has always invested in the quality of its products and in order to leave the competition behind, Menuiserie des Pins Ltd. has acquired new equipments throughout the time. To this day, Menuiserie des Pins Ltd. distinguishes itself from others by its expertise, its service and its professionalism.

Following its extension in 1986, the plant of Menuiserie des Pins Ltd. has now an 80 000 square feet floor dedicated to production and a warehouse of 20 000 square feet. Such space enables the enterprise to keep a full inventory of its products and enables itself to quickly answer to its customers demands.